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The fabulous set and costumes by Scenic and Costume Designer David Zinn make the beach setting seem mesmerizingly realistic, and the lizards just scary enough to be convincing from head to tail. The plane that flies overhead several times sounds authentic and noisy enough to be super-annoying Sound Designer, Brendan Aanes and the shadow made as the plane shades the sun is true-to-life Lighting Designer, Isabella Byrd.

Seascape - Kites and Play of Light and Shade on the Beach

Emily S. Mendel San Francisco , Feb 2, Also in San Francisco.

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Mendel Feb 2, Also in Theater. Metamorphoses Berkeley , Emily S. Mendel May 5, Photo: Kevin Berne.

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By Emily S. Mendel emilymendel gmail. Mendel Aug 8, She wants him to relive his boyhood activity of exploring the ocean's depths; he'd rather relax in the dunes and read.

The heaving dunes in this production, which could use some more sand to be absolutely realistic, are by Michael Yeargan. Basically, Charlie and Nancy are so devoted that they admit to remaining completely monogamous throughout their life together.

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Their sun-drenched idyll with subtly shifting lighting design by Peter Kaczorowski is disturbed not by any devastating argument or the overimbibing of alcohol, but by the sudden appearance of two human-sized lizards, Leslie Frederick Weller and Sarah Elizabeth Marvel. Iridescent in Catherine Zuber's convincing outfits, these refugees from waterworld initially seem menacing but turn out to be the sort of benign pair that's familiar in Albee's canon.

No longer feeling at home in their native surroundings, they've headed to dry land for reasons not much different than those which Harry and Edna, the secondary couple in A Delicate Balance , give for abandoning their suburban home to seek shelter with Tobias and Agnes.

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Once again, Albee is presenting two sets of couples more or less used to each other's ways and busily engaged in maintaining the delicate balance that constitutes a successful partnership. The conflict this time amounts to whether Charlie and Nancy will not only befriend Leslie and Sarah but will succeed in inuring the nonplussed reptiles to the myriad ambivalent emotions that comfort and afflict humans.

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As a result of the script's give-and-take, it eventually looks as if Charlie and Nancy, already parents to three children, will take Leslie and Sarah under their care. While the two lizards with bugged eyes and darting tongues are initially startling, they don't distract for long from the fact that the play is basically an amiable gabfest with little to promote other than everyone's need to reckon with emotion and the daily ups-and-downs of the average meaningful relationship.

It's my contention that the Pulitzer Prize for Seascape , as well as the one Albee received two decades later for Three Tall Women , were attempts by various Pulitzer committees to make up for Virginia Woolf being ignored in Still, with Mark Lamos directing watchfully and movement coordinator Rick Sordelet presumably seeing to lizard behavior, the Seascape actors are delightful.

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  3. A.C.T.’s ‘Seascape’ leaves audience treading in a sea of unanswered questions.
  4. Grizzard, who was the original Nick in Virginia Woolf and who later won a Tony for the revival of A Delicate Balance , is a quintessential Albee player.