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Drawing on the Centre's collaborative work with Urban Indigenous, Inuit, Queer, nonbinary, trans, and disability-identified artists and communities, we consider the power of story-making methods to re author identities and selves, and the potential of well-crafted and well-curated stories to create systemic change. We follow feminist poet Adrienne Rich when she states, "revision--the act of looking back, of seeing with fresh eyes, of entering an old text from a new critical direction--is for women more than a chapter in cultural history: it is an act of survival" Rich Rich's framing of revision as survival helps underscore the urgency of storymaking and listening, drawing us in as experts on our own lives and asking us to take responsibility for the stories we share and hear.

Rich acts as a mentor and guide in our "revising" work not only as a poet and writer, but also in the role she played as an educator; in the late s, Rich distanced herself from her role in upholding what she came to see as an elitist literary culture to commit to the "poetics of the everyday.

We make the case that storytelling methodologies contribute to our expanding qualitative research lexicon in the social sciences by offering novel approaches not only for chronicling marginalized voices, but for scaffolding intersectional and intersectorial alliances across institutions and communities for intervening in systemic inequities and imagining more just futures. In the section that follows, we introduce the explicitly activist-oriented, art-based research projects undertaken by Re-Vision in collaboration with diverse social justice-seeking groups on the lands currently known as Canada.

Intermedial Arts: Disrupting, Remembering and Transforming Media (Electronic book text)

We situate our methodology as it has evolved in relation to local and global activist arts movements as well as critical arts-based research methodologies, particularly visually-oriented, story-based methods. Drawing on these traditions, we begin to build a case for story as both methodology and method: for how we might theorize multimedia story-making as knowledge producing as well as understand it as a critical and processual praxis for generating multiperspectival knowledges about self, other, and world.

By situating Re-Vision's work within these movements and methodologies, we acknowledge the lineages that inform our method and that continue to nourish our vision: a world in which complexity and difference are welcomed.

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Eilitta, Leena: Intermedial arts : disrupting, remembering and transforming media

Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. The essays in this collection, which were written by European and North American specialists, position intermediality as a praxis of interpretative analysis in order to show how intermediality challenges our notion of art. The writers examine the various intermedial relations between the arts, which may take the form of reference to another form of art, a combination of two or more forms of art or a generic transformation from one form of art to another.