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She has published in leading scientific journals such as Journal of Phonetics and Language and Speech, and has contributed chapters to the Papers in Laboratory Phonology series. Her primary research interests are in the areas of speech perception, coarticulation, and the phonetic factors underlying sound change, and her major recent publications focus on the intersection of these areas of inquiry. Experimental Approaches to Phonology Oxford linguistics. Kate, Morton. Experimental Phonology and Phonetics.

The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Clark, John. And Colin Yallop. An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. Oxford and Cambridge, Mass: Blackwell. Ohala, J. Eds Experimental Phonology. Orlando, Florida: Academic Press. Introduction The experimental method is based on the recognition that our knowledge of the work may be misleading, and not as it may seem; therefore, those knowledge that are not agree with observation should be discarded.

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The primary purpose of the Experimental Phonology is not to create knowledge, but to refine it by observing it during experimentation. So, as Cark , points out that experimental phonology is a reaction against generative phonology if not a direct one. It is said that experimental phonology is a branch of psycholinguistics concerning with the formulation and testing of theories of linguistic knowledge and abilities that involve learned or perceived sound structures. According to Ohala, there are no perfect routes to the truth if one believes truth exists and experiments are no exception.

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Being performed by fallible humans, they can be fallible, too. The answer to an experiment suspected of being flawed is a better-controlled experiment which overcomes the flaw. Thus experimental phonology or experimental anything should be viewed as a spiral process: make a claim; test the claim; revise or abandon the claim; test the revised claim, etc.

Ultimately, this continuous process should lead to a convergence of results which support a more confidently held belief. John J.

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Experimental Assessment of the Distinctive Feature of Speech One of the most fundamental tasks of phonology is to establish how different linguistic messages are conveyed by sound. This is far from a trivial issue and certainly not one to be determined unequivocally by the unaided ear. Well-established methods exist for discovering the physical correlates of different linguistic messages in cases where they are uncertain or disputed. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy , and our Terms and Conditions.

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Experimental Approaches to Phonology

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