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Specifically developed for the treatment of the periocular area: wrinkles, flaccidity and idiopathic hyperchromia of pigmentary type and due to tissue thinning. After the end of the protocol, it is recommended to performmaintenance every 6 months. Intensity of action: modulable based on the layers applied.

Maximum application time 3 min RESULTS: The clinical assessment of the results showed an improvement in all patients in terms of correction of the different periocular aesthetic concerns treated. Ray Jalian and Jenny Kim 5. Photoaging, Leslie Baumann and Sogol Saghari 7. Oily Skin, Mohamed L. Elsaie and Leslie Baumann Dry Skin, Leslie Baumann Sensitive Skin, Leslie Baumann Jacob Elsaie, and Lisa Grunebaum Lasers and Light Devices, Joely Kaufman Sclerotherapy, Larissa Zaulyanov-Scanlan Casey Section 5: Skin Care Retinoids, Leslie Baumann and Sogol Saghari Cleansing Agents, Kumar Subramanyan and K.

Ananth Moisturizing Agents, Leslie Baumann Fragrance, Edmund Weisberg and Leslie Baumann Printed Pages: Brand New!. Book Description Condition: New. Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. Condition: Brand New. The tretinoin is known to induce increasedpatient usually experiences noticeable collagen deposition,32 and inhibit the Side Effects of All Types offlaking for approximately 7 days. If a metalloproteinases responsible fordeeper peel is desired, two or three coats degrading collagen.

When using this peel on such as Brazil off-label for the treatment very safe when used properly they canpatients with a tendency to develop of photoaging, melasma, acne, and ker- all cause erythema, itching, peeling,dyschromias, such as patients with atosis pilaris. The peeling solution is increased skin sensitivity, and evenmelasma, postinflammatory hyperpig- orange in color, preserved in brown con-mentation, etc.

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The patient is advised toevery 2 to 3 weeks to avoid exacerbating wash off the solution after 4 to 6 hours. Irritant contact der- tion. Patients with a recent insult to the Consequently, it is necessary to closely matitis has been linked to glycolic acid. For such patients, the practi- tioner should start with the lowest concen- tration of free acid and slowly increase the concentration.

This will help convince the patient of the necessity of sunscreen use. Take regular pictures and UV camera photographs if possible. Also at this juncture, it is imperative to cau- tion patients to refrain from using at-home topical AHAs, BHA, and other irritating ingre- dients such as vitamin C in order to avoid excessive skin irritation.

Peeling this patient will result in excessive the chosen brand or the one requiring the redness and scaling. It is best to wait 1 week prior to proceeding with chemical peeling. At the second visit, the practitioner can go to 3. Most patients are started on a vals. In such a intervals for maintenance. After the made embarrassing owing to erythema or resolves. There is a low inci- assess how well the patient tolerates the using the retinoids with no skin irritation. This precaution reduces the risk acid in varying strengths. These TCA peels maychemical peels that are started at low of inducing scarring.

Other peels, such as thecylic acid peels. This peel is also2 weeks prior to peeling. Only three tioner should calculate the TCA percent- applied in coats. No mistakes. TCA can be purchased accord- four coats produce a medium-depthresidual hyperpigmentation was seen. Several studies have shown that superfi-cial peels can also be used safely in Asian Following application of a TCA peel, Pyruvic Acidpatients.

The time lag between the applica- physiologically converted to lactic acid,and tretinoin and should be advised to tion and the appearance of the frost thereby rendering it a chemical peelinguse effective sun protection offering varies according to the acid concentra- agent while providing hydration to thebroad UVA and UVB coverage.

The delay might last 5 to 7 seconds skin. This is elastic tissue. TCA must be purchasedhealthy appearance. It must be used with extreme Available Brands of TCA Peelscaution, however, because hyperpigmen-tation and scarring can result. Prac- Many physicians use the Delasco brandtitioners should carefully select patients, of liquid TCA, which is available in var-noting that patients with darker skin ious concentrations Fig. Othertypes should not be treated with TCA as physicians prefer to use chemical peelthey have an increased risk for postin- kits that combine TCA with an indicatorflammatory hyperpigmentation.

When discussing the that the practitioner purchase the TCAstrength of TCA peels, it is imperative to solution separately. Unfortunately, market. The peeling should be complete by day 10; with success in the treatment of moder- however, the erythema may last until day ate acne, photoaging, and melasma. Patients should be shown pictures of Given the fact that pyruvic acid is con- how they will look so that there will be verted into CO2 and acetaldehyde, the no surprises Fig. Contraindications for a while. At such concentrations, it is adnexal structures, some authors have considered a medium-depth peel and theorized that patients recently treated therefore must be used with caution in for hair removal with lasers may have darker skin types or patients with sensi- trouble healing after medium- or deep- tive or irritated skin.

After 2 to 5 minutes, depth peels. However, at this point, this or when adequate frosting is observed, complication has not been reported. Reepithelialization is observed in 1 to 2 weeks, while erythema may last for up to 2 months. During the first 2 days, the skin appears slightly pink. Patient should be told not to peel days 3 and 4 the skin darkens.

By day 5 off the dark skin, but to let it peel naturally. This combination is effective in mild to mod- erate photoaging, including lentigines, pigmentary changes, and rhytides55 Box Patients may need mild seda- tion and would benefit from the anti- inflammatory effects of NSAIDs prior to this procedure. The appli- cation of solid CO2 also causes interrup- tion in the epidermal consistency and deep penetration of TCA.

Laser surgery and dermabrasion have largely supplanted deep-depth peels, having shown superior results with fewer complications. Currently, therepear and then return after the chemicalpeel. This occurs because the melanocytesthat are responsible for pigmentationreside below the level of the chemical peel see Chapter The results will beimproved if patients use retinoids, sun-screen, and hydroquinone or otherbleaching agents Figs. Following medium peels, as withsuperficial ones, it is important forpatients to use sunscreen and to practicesun avoidance.

Patients with darker skintypes should use hydroquinone after thepeel to lower the incidence of hyperpig-mentation. Practitioners should admin-ister antiviral medication to patientswith a history of herpes simplex infec-tion. Also, it is important for the practi-tioner to avoid overzealously applyingTCA, which can cause scarring. Patientsrecently treated with isotretinoin arealso particularly vulnerable to scarringfrom medium peels. The peeling has begun. Many physicians use a superficial peel-ing method to decrease and even out theSC and follow that up with the applica-.

Do not treat rosacea patients with AHAs and retinoids because it worsens the erythema. The choice of which to use should be based on patient history, other concurrent pathology, and the downtime that the patient can tolerate. The likely method of action is the quickening of the cell cycle pace. Therefore, severe acne and pho- toaging would respond better to medium- are modified phenol peels such as the AHAs in cosmetic products. Since deep-depth peels are ple esters, are safe for use in cosmetic of at-home glycolic acid products.

Considering the poten- There are several AHA products At-home chemical peels intended for tial side effects, especially increased available as at-home peel kits. Tretinoin peels versus glycolic acidthese products. Also available are peels Cutis. Smith WP. Epidermal and dermal effects dark-skinned patients. Masque by St. Ives, which contains both ; Yu R, Van Scott E. Bioavailability of Grimes PE. Kligman D, Kligman AM. Salicylic acidSuperficial and medium-depth peels are peels for the treatment of photoaging. Lim J, Tham S. Glycolic acid peels in thedynamic tools when used as part of Dermatol Surg.

Kligman A. A comparative evaluation of women. They should be used in combi- cream and glycolic acid. Products on Thenation with sun avoidance, sunscreen, human skin. Cosmet Dermatol. Whitening effect of Dermatol Surg. Ayres S III. Superficial chemosurgery in Davies M, Marks R. Studies on the treating aging skin. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic effect of salicylic acid on normal skin. Br ; Surgery statistics found at J Dermatol. Salicylism The stats. Accessed January 17, A new cream formula- erature. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. American Society of Plastic Surgeons Brody HJ.

Chemical peels in skin resur- Rubin MG. What are skin peels? In: Medium Depth. Alpha hydroxy acids in 4. Swinehart JM. Salicylic acid ointment skin care. Clin Plast Surg. Standardizing peeling of the hands and forearms. Draelos Z. Hydroxy acids for the treat- chemical peel solution formulations to Effective nonsurgical removal of pig- ment of aging skin. J Geriatric Dermatol. Great fluctuations in mented lesions and actinic damage.

J Dermatol Surg Oncol. Strontium nitrate suppresses chemi- 5. Control of kera- cally-induced sensory irritation in Comparison tinization with alpha-hydroxy acids humans. Topical treat- Unna PG. Therapeutiques generales des agents in a mini pig model. Dermatol ment of ichthyotic disorders. Arch maladies de la peau. Resorcinol peels: gross and microscopic Chemical Peeling and Resurfacing.

Hyperkera- study. Am J Cosm Surg. Book; Contact allergy to resorcinol in acne ; J Am The use of pyruvic acid in the 7. Karam PG. Int treatment of acne. J Eur Acad Dermatol et al. Alpha hydroxyacids modulate J Dermatol.

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Br J Chemical Peeling and Dermatol. New York, NY: Mosby-Year Book; Pyruvic acid peels for the treatment 8. In: Manual of of photoaging. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott and ultrastructural study. Clinical and instrumental evalua- G, et al. Restoration of collagen forma- tion of skin improvement after treat- 9. N Engl J Med. Dermatol ; Milstein E. Is pyruvic acid potentially Molecular basis of sun-induced prema- explosive?

Schoch Lett. Increased in vivo collagen synthesis and Nature. Chemical Peeling and Resur- in vitro cell proliferative effect of gly- New York, NY: Mosby- colic acid. High-strength tretinoin: a method for Year Book; Effects Acad Dermatol. Use of pyruvic of repetitive superficial chemical peels on J Tretinoin peeling. Middleton J.

Salicylic acid as a peeling agent: a comprehensive review

Sodium lactate as a mois- Halasz CL. Treatment of warts with turizer. Cosmet Toiletries. Controlled two-center study of lactate The art of the trichloroacetic acid chemical peel. The glycolic acid trichloroacetic acid peel. Monheit GD. Medium-depth chemical peels. Dermatol Clin. Chemical Peeling and Resur- facing. Louis, MO: Mosby; Guidance for Industry. Labeling for Andersen FA. Final report on the safety TEA-lactates, methyl, ethyl, isopropyl, Topically Applied Cosmetic Products assessment of glycolic acid, ammo- and butyl lactates, and lauryl, myristyl, Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids as nium, calcium, potassium, and sodium and cetyl lactates.

Int J Toxicol. January 20, Neutrogena Corp. Accessed January 14, Accessed February 25, This is a complicated cascade involving two discussion. Hematoma is a more serious entity, also known as the intrinsic pathway, and Following coagulation and clot for-when an injury to a blood vessel results in the tissue factor pathway, also known as mation, the fibrinolysis process, whichthe collection of blood in the surround- the extrinsic pathway Fig.

Several is necessary for breaking down theing tissue. The enlarging size of the cofactors are required for the proper clot, occurs. This pathway starts withhematoma may push on vital organs or functioning of the coagulation path- the activation of plasminogen, alead to tissue necrosis; therefore, they way. Vitamin K is an essential factor for protein synthesized in the liver that isshould be avoided. Hematomas may be a hepatic enzyme known as gamma converted to plasmin via tissue plas-treated conservatively with pressure glutamyl carboxylase, which is involved minogen activator tPA and other fac-dressings, if active bleeding is not present, in the synthesis of factors II, VII, IX, and tors Fig.

Plasmin degrades fibrinor by drainage, if there is active bleeding X. Calcium is also required in several into fibrin degradation productsor the hematoma is enlarging in size. In FDPs , which are the end result of this addition, there are natural anticoagu- cascade. Platelets are an essential scales rating bruise severity. Ratingcomponent in the coagulation process. The authors have developedfactors in addition to adhering to the the Baumann-Castanedo scale to ratedamaged tissue and forming a platelet bruises.

This scale is displayed in Tablesclog.


The process of hemostasis also and The Baumann-Castanedo scale will allow the user to track the color and size of the bruise in order to gauge severity and improvement. Bruising after Hylaform to the The initial bruised area is purplish-red inunder eye area. Hemoglobin in the red blood cells is responsible for the red-purple color of the bruise. The two natural. This practice will greatly activity of bromelain in rats by activating Hemoglobin breaks down to biliverdin decrease the amount of bruising that plasminogen conversion to plasmin. Bromelain has been used in different medications.

It is also important to advise antiplatelet activity. Most cosmetic dermatology practices recommend bromelain mg twice a day for 1 day following a proce- dure to prevent bruising, or if bruising occurs, mg twice a day until the bruis- ing has cleared. Hemoglobin Biliverdin Bilirubin 2. Thromb Res. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. Arnica montana, Arnica chamissonis, Arnica arnica. It is possible that a formulation ; Another multi- 4. Thetice because arnica contains helenalin, a center, randomized, double-blind, cysteine proteinases of the pineapplesesquiterpene lactone that is the major placebo-controlled study of patients plant.

Biochem J. Methods Enzymol. Maurer HR. Bromelain: biochemistry,mechanism of action of arnica in the advised to take four homeopathic arnica pharmacology and medical use. Glaser D, Hilberg T. The influence ofThe clinical trials for treatment of ecchy- so patients should be warned not to bromelain on platelet count and plateletmoses with arnica are conflicting. In a exceed this dose. Some people are sensi- activity in vitro. If they as develop a mild rash, 8.

Anti-inflammatory and serumprocedure in case of edema. Drugs Exptl Clinmoses was reported. However, this dure. It is used to massage patients after Res. Sculptra treatments see Chapter Alonso et al. Donell Super Skin K- inflammation in rats. Eur J Pharmacol. The pretreatment easily found in pharmacies and mass Phlyoenzyme versus diclofenac in thevehicle on one side and vehicle only on treatment of activated osteoarthritis ofthe other side of the face for 2 weeks SUMMARY the knee. Int J Immunother. The posttreat- No statistically certain techniques in dermatologic prac- Singer F, Oberleitner H.

Drug therapy of tice, bruises are considered an inevitable activated arthrosis. Wien Med Wochenschr. Cosmetic Procedures minor side effect. Patients need to be aware that bruises may take approxi- NSAIDs Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen mately 7 to 14 days to clear, so they can Efficacy and tolerability of oral enzyme Vitamin E make appropriate adjustments to their therapy as compared to diclofenac in Green tea schedules.

J Assoc Physicians India. Herbal medicines and perioperative care. Bromelain as a treatment for osteoarthri- tis: a review of clinical studies. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. Biol Chem. Baeuerle PA, Henkel T. Annu Rev Immunol. McIvor EG. Arnica montana: a clinical trial following surgery or trauma.

J Am Inst Homeopath. Effects of topical arnica gel on post-laser treatment bruises.

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Homeopathic arnica in postoperative haematomas: a double-blind study. Elsaie, MD species tested. For a kg person, the LD50 of Botox is to U. For BTX-G Synaptobrevining neuroparalytic condition called botu- cosmetic indications, injection of approxi-lism. Practitioners have used doses as high ical use. Products, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK when it was noted to be triggered by the are both formed from serotype A, whichingestion of spoiled sausages. Later, cle movement.

BTX achieves chemical functions by cleaving the SNAP pro-German physician Justinus Kerner denervation of striated muscles by tein, a component of the SNAREdescribed food-borne botulism and its cleaving one or more of the proteins Soluble N-ethylmaleamide-sensitiveclinical symptoms during the period required for the release of ACh Fig. In , The target protein depends on the complex Box The intact SNARE complex, composed ofin its crystalline form, and nearly a quar- result is temporary flaccid paralysis of synaptobrevin, SNAP, and syntaxin,ter of a century later, Alan Scott became the injected muscles, which persists is necessary for vesicles containing AChthe first to harness the effects of BTX for approximately 3 to 5 months.

As new to fuse with the cell membrane and tomedicinal use in monkey strabismus. There are seven BTX junction Fig. The therapeutic application vesicleof this potent neurotoxin has carved acomfortable niche in the cosmetic realm Light chainof dermatology practice for practical rea- Acetylcholinesons: Results appear within several daysof administration, the procedure itself is Endocytotic Botulinum toxinshort in duration and relatively uncom- vesicle receptorplicated, and side effects are minimal.

Synaptobrevin Although medicinal use of BTX byphysicians is widespread, professional SNAPopinions vary as to the best ways to 25administer the treatment. For instance, theideal dilution of the toxin, the number of Syntaxinunits to inject, and the longevity of pre-pared and refrigerated BTX remain Synaptic Synaptic Botulinum toxindebated issues Box The methods cleft cleftdescribed in this chapter are those usedmost frequently by the primary author.

The binding cations are frequently reported. Novice practitioners should be domain is responsible for attaching to the advised to never insert the needle of the presynaptic nerve terminal.

Aesthetic Dermatology

Binding of the toxin initiates injection. Once inside the endosome, the product was first used for cosmetic pur- to eliminate air bubbles as agitation of acidic environment is believed to create a poses in Botox Cosmetic, still usu- the toxin may lead to loss of potency. Botox is formed with saline, it begins to lose potency, endosome and enter the cytosol.

Prior unknown. Many authors suggest that a protein in the SNARE complex that inac- to placement in storage vials, the com- BTX-A should be used within 48 hours; tivates this complex, preventing the fusion pound is diluted with human serum however, a few authors state that Botox of ACh vesicles and blocking release of albumin. The manufacturers then freeze may remain in the refrigerator up to 4 ACh into the synaptic cleft. One vial of Botox weeks. Botox should not mine 76 and phenylalanine U vial.

Dysport will be mar- In the s, Dr. Within 7 years, he had with 0. Preservative-free which will manufacture and distribute performed the first human trials. Because Reloxin is mus, and blepharospasm. Reloxin will be the term become increasingly widespread and is may denature the toxin and decrease its used for the remainder of this portion of currently the most popular nonsurgical potency.

Many physicians remove the the discussion. Similar to Botox, the neu- cosmetic procedure, with 2. Reloxin is despite the fact that the FDA had yet to in Each 0. One bottle of until halfway through this period! BTX is also 3. Reloxin can be toxin component. The smaller size of this Prosigne with Botox. They found no sig-diluted with 0. Using a dilution lished. Xeomin was introduced in ratio of Reconstituted Reloxin available in other European countries or al.

It is manufactured as lent units of Botox and Prosigne. They U vials.

Cosmetic Dermatology Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition

Merz Pharmaceuticals claims demonstrated similar results with both A series of separate studies on glabellar that the product is highly purified and con- drugs, suggesting a direct bioequiva-lines were carried out at major cosmetic tains only pg of bacterial proteins,20 lence. Because of the discrepancycenters across the United States in order which may result in lower immune between the two studies, which couldto assess the efficacy, tolerability, and response. In addition, Xeomin differs from be due to heterogeneity of patients andsafety of Reloxin prior to FDA approval.

Botox and Reloxin in one of its constituent methods of sampling, further research isIn two parallel groups of placebo-con- elements. While Botox and Reloxin con- needed in this area to accurately estab-trolled double-blinded studies including tain sodium chloride and lactose, respec- lish the bioequivalence of Prosigne in and patients, respectively, sub- tively, Xeomin contains saccharose. The study durations is reported as The median time of research is needed to evaluate efficacy in of BTX-B, which acts by cleaving theonset was either 2 or 3 days for both cosmetic dermatology and antigenic protein synaptobrevin preventing AChstudies.

go to site The median duration of effect response of this product. The drug iswas 85 days, with significant efficacy available in a ready-to-use formula thatthrough day Myobloc is A larger multicenter open-label study Seoul, South Korea. Neuronox was stable for up to 21 months in refrigeratorwas carried out in 21 centers across the introduced in South Korea and is cur- storage.