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Poppa whispered admiringly. I averted my eyes and presented the sandwiches, like an offering. Her mouth was expressive, naturally rosy, and mean. Just like mine. Our lips turned down at the corners and made us look spoiled. Her oil black eyes raked me in a discomfiting sweep. Not for years. In the middle of the night.

Did he crack? Last year. After a time, Rosalee stalked past me and stood before the picture window.

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It was soft, yellowed with the years. On one side was a photo of Fountain Square, somewhere here in Portero.

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She settled herself against the window, her back to the lowering sky. Maybe all three. No to all three. For eight years I recited them to myself before I went to sleep, like a lullaby.

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Poppa had warned me what to expect if I tried. My aunt Ulla. Exactly like hers. I admired the sight of our naked feet, settled so closely together, golden against the icy sheen of the kitchen tile. I figured I did. Poppa told me I did. And here I am, tall ish and brunette and brown as sugar. Just like you. And I did belong to them, but I belong to you, too. I want to know about you. Poppa warned. But it was working. Do you even have a ball gown? I could make one for you.

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I make all my own clothes. I made this dress. And you the White Rabbit—always out of reach.

Book Review: Bleeding Violet, Dia Reeves

I followed her gaze to the two dark smidges near my waist. Sally Sunshine and her bloodstained dress. That could be anything. That could be ketchup. This is Portero—I know blood when I see it. Poppa encouraged. Told you. Did she want details? I licked the grease from my fingers. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Hanna simply wants to be loved. Age Range: 14 - 17 Years.

About the Author Dia is a librarian currently living in Irving, Texas. Show More. Average Review.

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Amish Violet. Nancy is delighted when her sister Nerida asks for help in finding a husband for Nancy is delighted when her sister Nerida asks for help in finding a husband for her oldest daughter, Violet.

With Nancy's excellent record she's certain she'll find a man for Violet in no time at all. What will Nancy do Heirs to the Kingdom Book Four: Queen of. War is coming to the Green Realm. The Black city is filling fast with the The Black city is filling fast with the deadly hoards that have been sent from Scotland. Boats are arriving packed with forces sent from London by Mason Knox, and they have only one In Violet Sleep. The year is BCE. Egypt and Babylon are engaged in a bitter struggle for Egypt and Babylon are engaged in a bitter struggle for supremacy.

The Egyptian pharaoh has commissioned an expedition, led by his allies the Phoenicians, to circumnavigate Africa so that he can combine the forces of I agree, it was the bits of humor as well as the fact that at the core of this book, Hanna just wanted a relationship with her mother. That kept me well-grounded and I honestly didn't notice all the blood except for that one incident concerning the boy. And yet the world of Portero seemed so real and crazy and the characters were so deep. I'm thrilled you were able to participate in the discussion and discover the meaning of the Swans :D.

Free Blog Counter. I'd been meaning to read this one for ages, so I was glad of the push to finally do so! One dark night, Hanna, accompanied by the ghost of her dead father, shows up at her mother's door in a small town in Texas, having just brained her aunt with a rolling pin. Hanna has never met her mother before, and showing up with her aunt's blood on her hands isn't the best way to start a new relationship, especially since it's one her mother doesn't want. If you ask me, it's not the best way to start a relationship with the reader, either, but Hanna grew on me--she's insane literally , smart-assed, pushy, and needy, but still a character to cheer for.

Yes, Hanna is nuts, less so when she takes her meds. But soon she finds out that this small Texas town is even more so, it being the sort of place where hideously dark and deadly monstrous beings and some that aren't deadly but just gross beset the townsfolk on all sides.

Some of the townsfolk, including one particularly cute high school boy, Wyatt, are part of an order of safekeeping killers of the bad things, a gang of protectors for whom "mercy" is a foreign concept they are serious slayers. Hanna turns out to fit right in in the madness of her new home, but it's a place in her mother's heart that she really craves. And there are some serious stumbling blocks, both of supernatural and more generically human, standing in the way. There are no Rainbow Unicorns in this book.

There's bad language, nasty stuff I don't think I'd ever be able to slice strips of flesh off the leg of my boyfriend's father to throw to the monster trying to eat him, even if this ultimately is a successful tactic , and there's quite a bit of sex, in bathroom, bedroom, and back of car. And that's not the sort of book I generally like. Yet somehow I did like this one! It took me a few false starts, but once I was past page I was hooked.

There is humor I laughed out loud several times , and there's a huge energy in Reeves' portrayal of this seriously messed up town. Her wild and wacky imagination, her over the top strange people and circumstances enchanted me in a blood soaked kind of way although I could have used less blood. I think about half as much blood would have been plenty--it seemed like the second half of the book, ever other page there was blood or wounds or what have you.

Sometimes less blood is more. The story also made Sense--there was a logical progression to it all that allowed me to accept the whacky-ness.

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Bleeding Violet

Further depth to the story comes from the fact that Hanna is half black, and half Finnish. Growing up as a black kid in Finland with a white dad didn't exactly give her a confident sense of her identity; now, with her sexy mom in Texas whom she strongly resembles she has a chance to try a new identity.

But most importantly, in terms of me ultimately enjoying the book which is an important aspect of any story , Hanna's a character that one ie me with whom one can make an emotional connection.