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Vacation Vexation Table of Contents: 23 Mr. Weatherbee tries to keep his vacation secret so he won't run into Archie. He travels to an island in the Caribbean but then he sees that the Archies are playing at his hotel so returns home. Pencils Stan Goldberg Inks? But Veronica's mother has scheduled a cultural home party and Veronica has told Archie he has to attend. Betty tricks Reggie into taking Archie's place with Veronica. Reprints from Betty and Me Archie, series September Keywords chamber music; videotapes.

Reprints from Archie Annual Digest Archie, series 53 Reprints from Reggie and Me Archie, series October View Change History. Issue at my. This issue was most recently modified by:. If you believe any of this data to be incorrect, please let us know. Cover thumbnails are used for identification purposes only. All rights to cover images reserved by the respective copyright holders. I saw Lynda Barry speak at the Free Library in Philadelphia last month and she talked about research that shows how writing by hand activates the parts of the brain involved with thinking and memory in a way that typing on a keyboard does not.

On a personal level she also told us that she tried to write a novel on her computer and couldn't — it was only when she decided to PAINT each word with a brush that she was able to write the book. I usually write comics in thumbnail format, so I'm using my hand-brain and also getting some idea of how the visual rhythm and flow will work or won't work. But I do write often on the computer too -- it's just a lot faster for me and also easier to organize my thoughts.

TCJ: Were you in school when you found the trashed files you ended up using in Applicant? Sometimes I think of Applicant as my "Masters Thesis. Finding all those files that exposed their unscientific prejudices was electrifying. I'm glad I knew about the zine community or I would never have been able to spread the information I found. No book publisher would risk the lawsuits. When you only have 4 small panels you have to choose carefully what you'll say. Did you find it hard to decide what was worth telling about each day? Did keeping the diary reveal anything to you about your life?

I did cheat a few times and "flashback" to something I couldn't fit in earlier.

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Keeping the diary pretty much proved to me that I have a bipolar mood disorder. But I'm still waiting to get medical confirmation of that. Keeping the diary also revealed to me that I can get more done if I stick to a schedule. It's hard to do it on my own though, without feedback from readers. I loved posting the diary on Flickr and getting immediate comments. It gets harder and harder each year to keep up "traffic" on my personal site though, as things migrate to corporate-owned media like facebook, etc.

I suspect it won't be long before you can't have your own website, but can only blog on amazon reviews or something. What gave you the idea to read and translate people's dreams in that way? Is your own dream life pretty prominent for you? Keeping a morning journal will help with dream recall too. I started drawing dreams because I wanted to work with others' writing so I could focus on improving my cartooning -- I didn't like my own writing at the time , and it just so happened that the writing I liked best was their dreams.

Partly because it was less forced, and partly because I like weird stories. My dream life is pretty prominent to me, and I incorporate many of my own dreams into my writing. TCJ: Can I make a confession? One of the most boring things to me is when some person you know starts telling you about the dream they had the night before. It's like, that didn't really happen, who cares.

But retold by someone as, else a comic - it makes for fascinating, funny reading. The quick 4-panel format might also be a part of what makes it work. How did you first come up with the idea? REKLAW: While I was in college, in order to focus on my drawing, I stopped writing my own material and instead asked friends for stories to draw: they could be anecdotes, fiction, dreams, whatever. All of the stories were fun to draw, but I felt an immediate connection to the dreams.

They had compelling imagery, their own logic, and a natural dada-like humor.

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Drawing them was like being there in the dream, experiencing the mind of the dreamer, but also realizing my own perceptions through theirs. It was like floating in that infinite reflection between two mirrors. Or is that too involved to get into here? But one should always save archival scans in a lossless format like TIF. I'd be happy to explain this to anyone, over a three-hour workshop.

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Morning all. I'm back on the blog beat, and am raring to post links to various stories about comics across the internet.

Sean T. Our own Jeet Heer writes about the historical and ongoing political meanings of Captain America in the Globe and Mail. Hey, where's Dapper Dan on this movie? A rare, short interview with Glamourpuss creator Dave Sim, who is now apparently peeved at Neil Gaiman for not being interested in reading Glamourpuss. Supergods , Grant Morrison's very strange at least in the parts that aren't just hastily joined-together filler history of superhero comics, has come out.

We will have more coverage of the book here at the site soon, but Paul Gravett has a take worth reading here. The best response I've read so far to one of the book's more troubling aspects comes from Abhay Khosla. Rob Clough rounds up his thoughts on the recent Jacques Tardi reprints. And should we keep linking to great Eddie Campbell blog posts , are all of you smart enough to be following him on your own by now? Still other characters are given artificial limbs by the other players, or receive plastic surgery that renders them nearly unrecognizable.

Indeed, the art at times seems to be racing to keep up with the text, as in one early panel that shows the aftermath of a human-robot collision that the caption box is referring to in present tense. I couldn't help but notice how this new project neatly ties neatly into a movie-known property, while several other Vertigo series -- most recently the Jason Aaron-written crime comic Scalped -- are nearing the end of their publication, with little indication as to what DC plans to publish in the future that can't somehow be folded into a work-for-hire superhero franchising opportunity or a preexisting multimedia brand.

It's funny to remember that the original Road to Perdition had its origins in DC's old Paradox Press line, a successor to the yet-older Piranha Press line initiated in hopes of attracting 'alternative' talents with the promise of creator ownership. And if you go a little further back in Paradox history, the influence and mayhem seems even stronger. This is from the very first of Paradox's crime comics, La Pacifica , released in and as a series of three small paperback books. La Pacifica remains his biggest longform work available in the North American mainstream, however, written by novelist Joel Rose and filmmaker Amos Poe.

Ozkan's art has always been the attraction for me, specializing in big moments of violent impact and teeming pages filled with dozens of characters, often with little or no dialogue to get in the way. It's not the kind of thing you associate with Vertigo anymore, to the extent it and DC remain separable at all.

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Divining the plot from various interviews the writer has given, I presume this one's about the death of Brian Jones, the psychedelia-tinged resurgence of turn-of-the-century occultism see: issue 1's , an acid trip Moore took in Hyde Park as a teenager, the failure of the '60s counterculture to effect lasting sociopolitical change, the perils of longevity, and more stuff on the moon from that text serial in the back. With fully authorized Michael Moorcock and Iain Sinclair character appearances, and enough unauthorized chicken fat tucked away in O'Neill's pages you'll wish it was printed as big as the French comics albums it's on the schedule of.

Always worth a look, these. Defiance : New from First Second, this is the second in a series of three YA-tuned books from writer Carla Jablonski and artist Leland Purvis the first being 's Resistance focusing on the participation of children in warding off Nazi forces in occupied France.

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